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What I learned installing WordPress – Travis Spinelli WEBD410 CMS

I knew that word press was fairly simple to set up. I have used once before for a networking class where we needed a simple website. But I had forgotten how easy it real was to set up the word press site. To think that you literally just add a folder to the web server and navigate to the website in the browser to do setup is kind of crazy. I personally love making websites by hand with HTML and CSS, but if you just need something quick and easy this is probably the best way to go about doing it.

Honestly, I found 1&1 to be an odd site that is not too easy to use but not difficult either. It took me several minutes to figure out how to create a folder that the domain address could be directed to for the host. There is also no easy way from what I have seen so far to just view the directory structure of your 1&1 host. This is rather annoying but not a very detrimental thing. An odd thing that 1&1 does which I found interesting in both a good and bad way is the creation of arbitrary usernames and values. During the process several things from secure FTP user to DB Name to Account Number were given arbitrary values which are all generated by the site and you cannot change. From a security perspective this is actually great, as long as you remember the values, but from a user perspective this is terrifying because they are just random strings of numbers and letters.

All in all there was not much to learn from the installation process, mainly because there was not much to the installation process.

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